Now Platform Introduction – Digitalization Era

Now Platform

Now Platform – the Platform of Platforms

The Now Platform® is an application platform as a service that automates business processes across the enterprise. The Now Platform provides the infrastructure to help your organization develop, run, and manage applications.

There are plenty of features built in the Now Platform which we can explore and experience with free Personal Developer Instance (PDI)

We can name one of them which is Single Data Model

The Now Platform provides a single data model to connect the entire enterprise. Each part of an enterprise shares the data on the Now Platform feature.
Single Data Model

The platform is built for enterprise with the need of digital automation and cutting costs

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Deliver a common set of core capabilities

Provide users with high-performance business services that make work simpler, faster, and more productive.

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Eliminate silos with a single data model

Prevent silos by sharing data across the enterprise from your instance. Extend the data model with a flexible table schema.

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Provide reliable and secure cloud services

Provide reliable service from multi-instance cloud services. Secure data and communications with encryption.

The benefits of the Now Platform

Work smarter and faster

ServiceNow work faster
Work smarter and faster

Unleash the power of AI and analytics to surface information, make predictions, and automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on strategic work.

Deliver engaging experiences

Now Platform Feature

Achieve new levels of user productivity and satisfaction with intuitive omni-channel experiences that are as easy to use as common consumer apps.

Connect your enterprise

Codeless integrations for popular business apps

Rapidly unite people and processes with intuitive, cross-enterprise integrations for ServiceNow solutions and external services.

Automate work for everyone

Workflow automation across the enterprise

Empower anyone to automate, extend, and build digital workflow apps across the enterprise with a single, unified platform.