ServiceNow Delta Exam Guide (Quebec Version)

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This article originally began in another post which was from Orlando, but has grown in to this now comprehensive article that covers both a Quick Delta Exam Guide and Full Delta Exam Guide. I’ll start things off with the quick version and then a more detailed version follows below.

Quick Delta Exam Guide

  • Delta exams are updated and requiredafter every new release (new releases generally occur every March and September)
  • The English delta exam period is from March 26th, 2021 through June 24th, 2021.
  • They consist of 10 or less questions
  • They are open book, not proctored, timed (1 hour) assessments to see if you’re familiar with the latest release information
  • Last Fall (beginning with Paris) there was a $200 maintenance fee that was due. If/when you paid this fee, it covered you through this Delta Exam Cycle (Quebec), so you will NOT owe anything else until this upcoming Fall (Rome release).
  • You are required to take this delta exam if you did not take your certification exam after the Quebec Release maintenance window period ended (after March 26th, 2021).
  • Login to Now Learning, click “My Certifications”, if one is listed as At Risk, take the delta
  • You can fail the delta exam up to 4 times (with 24 hours wait time between each attempt). After the 4th, you will become uncertified and need to pay for the respective course again.
  • Refer to Quebec release notes as the delta exams cover this content
  • Here’s my personal recommendation linkwhich all you need to do is choose Quebec version, select release notes, search the question, find the answer, pass the exam.

Full Delta Exam Guide

Maintenance Fee

For the Quebec Release there is no maintenance fee due as those who were previously certified prior to the Paris release, paid this fee last Fall. It’s a yearly fee and only due in the Fall, so, when Rome is released later this year you’ll owe the maintenance fee again, etc.

Delta Exam — what is this?

In the Fall of 2018, Delta exams were introduced. Prior to the Fall of 2018, individuals who obtained ServiceNow certifications didn’t really have to keep up with the latest release information. Most did on their own, but to ensure the quality of what a ServiceNow certification means and the respect behind it…it was decided to create a Delta (otherwise known as a “change”) exam. These delta exams are lightweight, 10 question or less, non-proctored, open-book “exams” that are for mainline certifications. These delta exams are not for micro-certs. They’re also made available after every ServiceNow release (which generally occurs every March and September).

ServiceNow isn’t here to beat you down with yet another exam to cause you stress…it’s meant to keep all of us up to date on the latest changes. That way, we’re all on the same page and we’ve at least seen/read/heard about new or modified features in the latest release.

For Quebec, the English Delta Exam window will be from March 26th – June 24th, 2021

  • How do I know if I need to take the delta exam? You are required to take the delta exam if you obtained a respective mainline certification (system administrator, application developer, implementation specialist, etc.) prior to this release. Remember, this delta exam is about the changes introduced with Quebec. So if you took your certification exam AFTER Quebec was released, your recent exam already contained Quebec related information so, you’re all caught up. However, if you had your mainline certification prior to Quebec being released, you must take the delta exam. Another way to verify if you need to take the delta exam is to login to your Webassessor account: ServiceNow Webassessor and click “My certifications” at the top of the screen. Here, you’ll see a list of your certifications which will have a status of either: Current, At Risk, Expired, or Never Attained. If your certification says “At Risk”, then you need to take the delta exam.
  • Ok, so I need to take the delta…now what? You’ll need to login through your Now Learning account, which is a separate portal from this ServiceNow Community. Once logged in to your Now Learning Account, click on “My Certifications” and you’ll see a list of all your certs. You’ll see a status there as well saying Current, At Risk, etc. For the certifications At Risk, there’ll be a link to click that will take you to the instructions page for that particular delta exam. Here’s an example of the process you may go through after logging in to your NowLearning Account to verify that you need to take a delta exam, how to access that delta exam, and then enrolling and subsequently taking the exam:

  • How difficult are these delta exams? Honestly…not that difficult. The goal of all this is to keep you up to date with latest information regarding recent changes and modifications. These assessments are open book, not proctored, 1-hour time limit, and consist of 10 or less questions. Most of the time the delta exams don’t take that long, for example, the System Administrator Delta Exam for Paris only had 6 or 7 questions on it.

Do you have any tips or advice for me? 

I do! I’m so glad you asked. All you need to do is take a small bit of time and review the Quebec Release Notes. Once you’ve done that, simply launch the delta exam and as an additional resource I’d recommend you have open, here’s a personal link I use. You can have any resource open that you’d like while taking this exam. For the personal link I included above, just make sure you’ve checked the appropriate version: “Quebec”, and click the “release notes and upgrades” checkbox below that as well. From there, if you need help during your exam, refer to release notes and the link I included and simply search for the information. 

I’ve also attached the ServiceNow Official Certification FAQ guide. A lot of this content came from that, but also from my own personal experience and knowledge I have about these delta exams. Please refer to the attachment below if you have any other questions or want to see it officially from ServiceNow.

Can you fail? If so…what happens?

I know none of us want to fail the delta exam, but here’s some information in case you do. If you fail your delta exam, you must wait 24 hours before you can take it again (it will have a timer on it and block you from taking it any earlier than 24 literal hours. You can retake the delta 3 additional times (so a total of 4 times overall). If you fail the delta exam a 4th time, you become uncertified and you will be required pay for and take the initial, proctored, mainline certification exam all over again. Remember, you must pass your delta exam on or before June 24th…so if you fail the exam on the 24th of June…obviously there won’t be enough time to retake it again and your certification will become expired. Please don’t be the one who waits until the last minute. A lot of people push the delta exam off until the very end (see some of the comments posted below). Get it over with as soon as you can!

In case you failed 3 times and there is only one last shot.

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