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How to get ServiceNow Knowledge Article Number show on portal URL.

This is from ServiceNow Community post that I have replied.

Question: How to show ServiceNow Knowledge Article Number on URL

When user searches and open any Knowledge Article on portal, The URL on service portal shows link with sys_ID.

Example: https://<instance>/escf?id=kb_article&sys_id=6585f9c911854622a4bcbccb5e1450d8

Is there a way we can change so browser URL shows KB number (as we see link generated by Permalink)?

e.g: https://<instance>

COPY PERMALINK on backend generates a link using Article number, which open up latest version. This part is good.


To do such a requirement, there are lots of modifications to be done.

I will divide into 2 parts:

1. Out Parts => Here you have to modify “NG-CLICK” or “HREF” of the article link to be KBXXXXX

Any where store list of article, for example:

a. KB Category Page

b. Facet Search

ServiceNow Knowledge Article

2. In Parts

KB Article Page => Change the process of getting article data