ServiceNow Knowledge Article – UI Actions

Knowledge Article

ServiceNow Knowledge Article – Ever consider how it works on page (kb_article) on ServiceNow Portal. How can we configure the buttons which do look like UI Action on back-end form? This article might help.

KB Article Page

KB Article includes the many widgets, but in this article we will focus on the Knowledge Article Content

ServiceNow Knowledge Article

If you look closer to the 3 dots buttons on the right corner of the widget, hit the button and will show up a dropdown menu list. At the first thought, we can make a mistake of considering them as UI action on the UI form (but they were not).

UI Actions

Take a closer look at the widget source code

Now is the moment of truth, lets CTR+Right Click on the widget, then select “Widget In Editor” to open up the source code of this widget.

image 36

When checking the code, we will see how it works behind the scene.

  • The HTML Template will store the Layout and the action for user to hit
image 37
  • The ClientScript will trigger the action with the leverage of third party “$uibModal” to open an Angular Template
image 38
  • Open up widget Instance, you will see Angular ng-template under related lists
image 39