ServiceNow Upgrade (Quebec version)

ServiceNow Upgrade


•Upgrade process moves your instance to a new ServiceNow version.

•The purpose of an upgrade project is to:

  – Make sure everything in system is still working well after the upgrade

  – Keep your instance up to date with new fixes and features from ServiceNow

  – A chance to find what we need to improve/enhance the system for our customer in the future

ServiceNow Upgrade

Prepare for an Upgrade

Check release notes.

The release notes offer valuable information about new functionality, notable changes, and available fixes.

  • They help you determine whether the upgrade contains functionality you need and fixes that resolve any issues affecting your instance.
  • The release notes can also help you determine whether items you previously customized are being upgraded.
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Review scope of work

To determine what to do (In Scope), what not to do (Out of scope)

Prepare test case.

Prepare test cases if client requests to perform UAT testing It’s a change for you to understand the Client system. It would be better if you have already worked in the system before

image 3

Backup data/update set.

  • Backup for yourself / your team
  • Might backup for other teams…
  • Release functionalities/changes/fixes if we can

Send announcement to freeze development activities.

ServiceNow Announcement
system upgrade announcement

ServiceNow Upgrade (Dev Instance)

Upgrade process

image 7
Upgrade process

Clone from PROD

  • Clone request MUST be created in source instance (PROD)
  • Required role: clone_admin or admin (on both source and target instance)
image 8
Step to clone from PROD
image 9
Servicenow Clone Configuration

Preserver Data and Exclude tables

image 10

ServiceNow Upgrade Dev Instance

image 11

Review Skipped Changes

image 12

Test and Fix

API testing using SuperTest. Wonder how to write tests for you API… | by  Chamara Madhushan Liyanage | | Medium
Test and Fix if any issue

Store Update Sets

ServiceNow Upgrade (UAT Instance)

  • Clone from PROD
  • Upgrade Sub instance
  • Migrate update sets from DEV
  • UAT and sign-off (Client)

ServiceNow Upgrade (PROD Instance)

– Upgrade Production

 – Migrate update sets from DEV

 – PVT testing (if needed)

Upgrade Issues can hit

Problem: After cloning TEST environment from PROD. User couldn’t access to ServiceNow TEST environment via SSO

Current DXC consultants didn’t know the root cause and couldn’t test from our side because we are using ServiceNow account (


The rootcause is about the Clone overwrote all of the Users in TEST with Production Users – and in the process, changed the SSO source for everyone’s User profile to point towards the Production sys_id.

This was not a problem in the Development environment because DEV and Production use the same SSO source, TEST does not


With this issue already happened, we decided to run a script to change all Users SSO source in TEST to the correct sys_id

To avoid this issue happening in the future, follow ServiceNow recommendation, we created Preservers and Excludes for:

  • sys_user
  • sys_user_role
  • sys_user_has_role
  • sys_user_group
  • sys_user_grmember
  • sys_group_has_role
  • sys_user_role_contains
  • customer_contact [Only if you have the Customer Service Management plugin installed]


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