Understanding ServiceNow Widget – Simple List

ServiceNow Simple List

ServiceNow widget – Simple List can be used to display any list in the system within Service Portal. You can use this base system widget as-is in your portal or clone it to suit your own business needs.

ServiceNow Widget Configuration

This widget allows you to show a list of records in a specific table. Moreover, many built-in options let you customize the glyph, filter (encoded query) , Like to the target page, etc.

Widget Options

The Data Options include:

TableThe platform table that the simple list is formed from.
Display fieldMain field that displays as the “title” of the list item.
GlyphIcon that displays next to the widget name in the header
FilterConditions that are applied to the list. To edit the filter, in the widget instance options context menu, select Open in platform. Use the Table & Filter tab to apply conditions to the simple list. For more information, see Create a filter in List v3.
Link to this pagePortal page to link to from a list item.
Bootstrap colorColor scheme for the widget. The default colors are defined by the portal theme, but if you want the instance to have a specific color, select the option from the list.
Bootstrap sizeSize of the widget
Maximum entriesMaximum allowed number of entries that appear in the list at one time.
Show even when emptyWidgets are designed to hide on a page when no results meet the criteria. Select this option to make the simple list widget display on a page even when empty.
List body heightActual length of the widget in pixels or EMs. A long list with a small body heigh includes a scroll bar option.
Image fieldDisplays an image in the list. Select a field type that includes an image. For example, Photo.
Secondary fieldsFields from the list item that display in addition to the main display field.
Rounded imagesMakes any images selected in the Image field round in the list.
List pageThe page that opens when a user selects View all in the widget footer. Select a page that correlates with the items that display in the list.
Hide footerShow or hide the widget footer
ViewThe view option for when a list item links to a form. The Link to this page field must be set to a form page for this option to work.
image 40

Example: Simple List of Items with picture

Step1: Open the page designer, drag the “Simple List” Widget

image 42

Step2: Click Pencil Icon to open widget options and configure as below settings

image 43
image 44

Step3: See the result

image 45