ServiceNow Localization – Translated Texts

servicenow localization

ServiceNow Localization allows administrators to accommodate users from a variety of different countries, using different languages and currencies, within the same instance.

ServiceNow Localization Plugins

Activating internationalization plugins for any of the available languages automatically activates the I18N: Knowledge Management Internationalization Plugin v2 plugin (com.glideapp.knowledge.i18n2).

Internationalization Plugin


Client wants to translate Page Title on Browser tab when using preferred language (Here I pick Japanese)

image 1

How to do that

  • Step 1: Define what data storing those values

We found that they are value of field “Title” on record page “sc_home” on table “sp_page”

image 2
  • Step 2: Locate the table to store JAPANESE text. Navigate System Localization > Translated Text
image 3
  • Step 3: Create new record and update as your wish
    • Language: Ja
    • Document: Select the page “sc_home”
    • Value: Japanese Value
    • Field Name: The internal name of field (here is title)
    • Table Name: sp_page
image 4


We see that they translate the value of the field “title”

image 5

And on portal page, it also refers the change.

image 6